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Fair Trade Handmade Paper from Nepal

In the heart of the Himalayas, Nepali craftspeople have been producing handmade paper for over a thousand years. Prized for its durability, soft texture, and natural color,  Lokta paper is an environmentally friendly, tree-free paper made from the bark of the regenerating Daphne bush. Originally used in Tibetan monasteries for sacred texts, the making of Lokta paper is a village tradition dating back thousands of years. Today, this ancient technique is used for official government documents in Nepal. The paper is naturally insect free and will last more than 100 years. This paper is sourced directly from the paper producers in the Baglung area of Nepal and they are paid a fair living wage for their artwork.

Handmade Paper Gift Bag


Make your gifts extra special with this Handmade Paper Gift Bag made in Nepal.  The bag is 4.75″ tall X 5.5″ wide X 2.75″ deep, complete with paper handles and assorted print on front. This is a Fair Trade product.

Traditional Nepali Rope Incense Bundle


Traditional Nepali Rope Incense Bundle contains approximately 50 sticks that are 4″ long.  To burn this incense, light the end and place it in a small dish of sand. It will burn to ash. As with all incense make sure that rooms are ventilated and that you do not place it near anything flammable.  The makers of this incense receive a fair and living wage for their work.

The traditional incense used for puja (prayer) in Nepal. This incense is made using a mix of sacred ingredients that are rolled into a fine rice paper and twisted into a small bundle. When you walk in the early morning hours in Kathmandu you can see the small mandalas drawn in front of each house where daily offerings are made. Within each mandala is burning this traditional incense.

Tiny Cotton Drawstring Pouch

Perfect for carrying your favorite crystals!  This Fair Trade Handmade Tiny Cotton Drawstring Pouch is 3″x3″ on assorted screen-print or ghata fabric made in Nepal where the artist received a fair and living wage for the work.


Extra Tiny Journal

Our Fair Trade Extra Tiny Journal measures 1.75″ X 1.75″ and has 50 pages of handmade paper from Nepal. Keep this journal handy with the loop for attaching to key chains or give it to a loved one full of special notes.  What ever you

Swiftlite Charcoal 10 pack 33 mm

Amazonite Pendulum

Amethyst Angel

Sodalite Angel

Sunstone Pendulum


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